Inspirational words of encouragement – Who needs them?

Words are incredibly powerful things, and you don’t need to be an author like me to know that. Words are not simply collections of letters, they are transmitters of both thought and energy.

Think about a courtroom. The accused is waiting before the judge, the jury is about to make a determination. “Guilty” or “Not guilty” are simple words, but the meaning and implication of them will last a lifetime.

If a couple of words can make a difference, how much more will be the impact of a whole collection of them?  A hastily spoken tiraid of negative criticism, or a casual insult, can injure and influence another person’s self-image forever.

On the other hand, a genuine compliment, a positive commendation, and inspirational words of encouragement, can literally change a life for the better.

So, who needs these words? And when do we need them?


There is a common perception that we only need inspiration and encouragement when we’re down in the valley. However, that’s not the case.

Every sports coach in the world knows the importance of continually inspiring their team to greater achievement. It does not matter if they just won the biggest trophy in their sport, their ongoing success will depend on the next game, not the last one.

It is the same in business. A sales person is only as good as their last sale. A business is only as viable as their last customer purchase. The next sale counts. The next new customer is vital to the bottom line.

You can already be at the top of your game, and still need to be inspired to keep on keeping on, to continue to grow, evolve, develop, and improve. Even the most successful person can be brought down by an ill-deserved criticism. Inspiration and encouragement however, never pop the bubble of already-attained success.


Into every life comes the times of sadness, fear, doubt, and worry. The weeds will still pop up in the most carefully tended of rose gardens, and for those who remember Murphy’s law, remember this – There will be many visits from Murphy!

When you are going through the mill, when everything is falling apart, and when nothing seems to be going as planned, you need words of encouragement.

Encouragement may be a word that some religions seem to have monopolized, but it is not a religious concept. Encouragement is truly a gift of love. It is one person reaching out to another with the sole intention of lifting that person up.

“You can do it” says one friend to another, when the person feels they can give no more to the task on hand. “Here, let me help you” says the young man to the elderly lady, after she has stumbled with her groceries. “I am here for you” says the nurse to the failing patient.

While words of encouragement may not always change the outcome (although they often do), they can indeed change the atmosphere in which we live, the energy that is conveyed, and the feelings we experience.


The truth is that everybody needs them, and in any circumstances. There is no hard and fast rule here. You don’t just need inspiration when you’re up, and encouragement when you’re down. It’s not that black and white.

Think about what I said in the previous paragraph… Inspirational words of encouragement can “Change the atmosphere in which we live.”

Some of you may remember when every dentist’s office seemed to have an aquarium. Well, the fish in that tank lived within an environment, and the water was their atmosphere. Do you think it would make a difference to their environment, and lifestyle, if the water was never changed? You bet!

Same with words. Walk into a room where people have been arguing and you can just “feel” it. We might say “You could cut the air with a knife in here!” or something like that. The atmosphere is thick, and the environment is certainly not conducive to growth or harmony.

But, oh how different it is when you enter a place where people are happy, and the communication is vibrant, alive, and positive. Walk into such a place and you’re smiling within seconds. Words make all the difference, for everyone!


So why are words so powerful? Why is the pen more mighty than the sword?

It all comes down to a well-established psychological pattern of communication, and here it is:-

  • Words can both express and influence our thoughts
  • Thoughts influence our feelings
  • Feelings influence our actions
  • Actions create results
  • Results impact our whole life

Please take a moment to read, and re-read those bullet points. I cannot over-stress the importance of this truth.

So what happens when people watch or read the negatively-biased news over and over again? How are they influenced by the hatred and violence in the images and dialogue of popular entertainment? How can an always-angry parent color their child’s view of life? In what ways can an overly-critical boss, or teacher, or spouse, make or break one’s quality of life?

Words… They can build up, or they can tear down. It’s as simple and profound as that.


The implications of this truth are staggering. Simply stated, you must be very wise, aware, and mindful when it comes to words.

First, you must be wise in what you say to others. It matters not whether you speak the words, write them in an email, or convey them in social media, the impact is the same. For every word you issue there is a recipient. Think carefully on how your words may touch their life.

Second, you must be vigilant when it comes to the words you allow into your personal space. Don’t wallow in the mire of negativity, or criticism, or hatred. If the words you habitually consume do not serve your highest good, change your diet!

Third, you must be loving when it comes to the words you speak to yourself. Too many people argue for their limitations, so it is little wonder they get to keep them. It is never a good thing to speak badly of yourself, especially when nobody else is listening.

I encourage you today to bathe yourself in an environment of Inspirational and encouraging words. Who needs them ? You do!

Love and light

Kenneth James Kerr

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2 thoughts on “Inspirational words of encouragement – Who needs them?”

  1. Hey Kenneth,

    What a great article. I loved how you discuss words of inspiration and encouragement because I have just started my own blog about leadership and personal growth, and inspirational is what I want to be to others.

    In the role I currently do as a leader, it is up to me to inspire my people to do the right thing, and inspiring words is how I do it. It doesn’t always work but I am getting a lot better at it, and more consistent with it.

    You are right, everybody needs inspiration and encouragement, and your article definitely does that.

    Thanks for sharing.

    All the best,



    1. Hello Tom,

      Thank you for your comments, they are much appreciated.

      I really like your honesty when you admit that you don’t always succeed at inspiring others, and that you still have to work on your own self-improvement. Yes, I am the same!

      Sometimes, there’s a misconception that those of us who write within the encouragement genre need to be gurus, that we must have our act together in every way before we can share our perspectives. It is time to be rid of that nonsense. You and I are far more likely to touch our readers by admitting that we ourselves are still Works in progress. Like those whom we seek to inspire, we are still in the trenches. We know what to do, but don’t always do what we know. That is transparency, that is authenticity. We are human.

      All we can do is reach out to those on the same journey as we are, and say, “We are in this together. Maybe I can help you with my perspective, and maybe you can help me with yours.” When this level of heart-felt genuineness enters our writing, we can serve others.

      Best regards, and please stay in touch.

      – Kenneth


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